Hip Bag Company

Hip Bags, Fanny Packs, Belt Bags and Totes. All From Hip Bag Company

Hip Bags are the rage in trendy fanny packs and belt bags! Each clip on purse is individual and unique to it’s owner.  No two hip bag leather purses are alike. Only high quality scrap leather and exotic skins create these trendy totes. Each leather purse is handmade in Eaton, Colorado by the Mother and Daughter creative team and business owners Kathy and Dianna French.

Most noteworthy, Kathy and Dianna have been designing these clip on purses for over 13 years. Due to relationships with Saddlery’s and Tanneries throughout the United States they achieve 3 business goals. First of all, producing a high quality, unique and fashionable satchel that cannot be massed produced. Similarly, supporting the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy is a large emphasis. In addition, maintaining handmade in America is also a focus. As a result, they utilize fine leather scraps to produce their one of a kind stylish handbags.

There are currently 12 styles that make up their fashionable purses selection. They range from the exotic Fanny Packs to Totes and Travel Sets. Probably the most popular is the Concealed Carry Purses and Cell Phone Pouches. Active lifestyles determine the size and shape of the purse. Hip Bags are made to be worn on your waist. Spring Clips allow you to wear your clip on purse hands free. In addition, each trendy tote comes with an shoulder strap. You can be traditional or trendy. Another reason you have to have one.

Due to the commitment in quality and integrity Hip Bag Company has grown to the leading manufacturer of fine leather clip on purses and handbags.

Above all, hip bags are unique and one of a kind in design. Therefore, we hope you enjoy shopping!

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